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"Fire and safety codes are often written in blood, because it takes a loss of life and or property for such laws to be written"! Those words have stuck with me for decades as I worked in this industry. Although, there's nothing wrong with what's written in public and private fire and safety codes, it's the enforcement and training there in!


As a Veteran of the Armed Services, a family man and one of faith, I serve my community with great pride and honor both the public and private sectors within our community, in which my family and I dwell. With over 65 plus years collectively in the Fire and Life Safety business, Our goal hear at Exquise Fire and Safety is a simple yet challenging one.... For all our clients to "Rise in the morning SAFE, be at work or school SAFE, shop and entertain SAFE, then return home SAFE!


We live in a ever changing world where public safety has now been put on a premium, Fire Marshals, Insurance Companies, Cities, States and Authorities having jurisdiction know what it takes to keep us safe. We here at Exquise Fire and Safety with the proper tools, equipment, supplies, training and technical support ready to work and service you in a superior way so that all of our lives is a better and safe one!


Owner and CEO


Gerald Parker

Our Team.

Our Team is a great group of professional that are focused on bringing your project to completion on time and under budget.

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