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"I have been in this business for over 30+ years. I have witnessed the loss of property and life at high rates. In most cases, the loss of property and life could have been prevented had the proper measures been in place for fire and safety.
With the equipment and services provided by Exquise Fire & Safety, property and lives will be safer and better prepared." 

​ Vincent Gibson, City of Detroit Fire Department retired Deputy Chief 



"As a joint venture with Exquise, we have learned a lot more about the safety and of the importance of emergency exit lighting systems in my industry of energy management. Life safety is the key to success even when operations in business need to be proactive in saving money and keeping the public safey at a premium!" 

​ Dwight Hawks, Detroit, MI

"In my line of work, if any of my buildings are not to code per the City regulations, not only would I be fined but the penalties if there is a loss of life is not worth losing my job. Exquise was able to provide me with a comprehinsive quote that was more than affordable. They worked around my schedule and got everything done before deadline." 

​ Lanre Lee, Troy MI




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